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Decks and Railings

Constructed of exotic and natural woods, a Deck House deck requires regular maintenance. Most Deck House decks built before 1980 lacked proper flashing and should be updated to repair any potential rot. Buchanan Custom Builders has built several multi-faceted custom decks for Deck House homeowners throughout the years ranging 

in all shapes and sizes including multi-leveled wrap around decks, waterproof decks, and traditional three bay rectangle decks. Our decks have included details such as 45 degree angle flooring, built-in benches, hot tubs, grape arbors, and cable rails. 

Identifying Rot

Deck House Deck
Deck House Deck
Deck House Deck
Deck House Deck
Deck House Deck
Deck House Deck
Deck House Deck


​Pay close attention to the attachment points and the end grain of the decking, next to the house. Check for visible rot on the siding against the ​deck. This can indicate rot within the walls of the home, which can harbor mold.


​Pay attention to the middle beams supporting the deck. From the inside of the house, look down the line of the heat stool against the deck and check for dips or bows in the line of the heat stool. These dips are indicative of rotted posts and/or beams. These posts and beams at the outside of the home are structural elements, as they hold up the deck, the floor system, and the roof.


​Due to their exposure to the elements, the railings on a Deck House deck are particularly ​susceptible to weathering and rot. Check the railings for rot at the attachment points to both the house and the posts. The rails should be firmly attached at all points. Any movement in the railing is a significant safety hazard.

Rotted Decking
Rotted Hand Rail
Rotted Post and Beam
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